Daren Klum is a high-tech executive, cyber security visionary, and hardware / software technologist. Daren is currently the CEO of Secured2 Corporation a Microsoft, Google & AWS partner that has developed the world’s first quantum-safe data security solution and a new method of data compression. Prior to Secured2 Daren founded venture-backed LiquidCool Solutions an innovator of high performance computing solutions that utilizes his patented liquid submersion cooling technology with directed flow. Daren’s corporate career spans over 20 years in various roles from product development, market development & business development for companies like Digital River, Sprint, TW Telecom and Gartner. Daren holds over 42 patents and is constantly striving to solve large market problems with his innovations. Daren is also very active in the local startup community from advising, investing and assisting Brightstone Venture Capital in due diligence for its investments.

Secured 2 Corporation