David has been writing software since 1980. He ran a successful internet service provider (ISP) starting in 1994, then acquired seven competitors before a successful exit 2008. David got into Bitcoin in 2010, then later created his own proof-of-stake/POW hybrid cryptocurrency 2GIVE in 2015. It was traded with a market high over $20 Million USD but was never sold as an ICO. After intrastate investment crowdfunding legislation passed in Minnesota, David founded Silicon Prairie in 2016 to help small businesses issue their own securities and disrupt the traditional industry by using blockchain technology to handle the shareholder registries.

David has led about a dozen patents in Wells Fargo for Blockchain in Banking from 2016 and has been teaching the graduate computer science Blockchain class at the local private University since Spring 2019. David has a master’s degree in software engineering from St. Thomas, and an MBA from Carlson. He purchased a FINRA Broker Dealer in 2020 and has taken the necessary Stock-Broker exams to operate as an Investment Banker. He is unique expert with a breadth of practical experience as a software security architect, successful entrepreneur, AND tech visionary.