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10th Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-off

April 14, 2021

The Entrepreneur Kick-off commenced in 2011 for the express purpose of providing Early-Stage Entrepreneurs and company Founders access, in one location, to: competition and accelerator participants, to the people and organizations providing financial and operational resources to startups, to new technologies and to new opportunities in the growing MN entrepreneur ecosystem.  2021 will bring exciting developments on all these fronts AND will celebrate MN founders from the last decade!

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Meet the  Co-HostsSponsors, and learn about Founders, Accelerators and Emerging Technology Panel participants.


A gathering of the brightest stars of today and tomorrow.  Program details are active – Program.


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Hosted by MN Entrepreneur Network (MNEN)

The Minnesota Entrepreneur Network (MNEN), which comes together to Co-Host the annual Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-off, is an informal, statewide, collaboration of entrepreneur support organizations committed to growing the Minnesota Entrepreneur Ecosystem.

The Entrepreneur Kick-off is where Founders and Startup Teams, Hosts and Sponsors, meet, in one place, to celebrate the Minnesota Entrepreneur Ecosystem and make one-on-one connections that can be critically helpful to founders and their teams when navigating a startup’s pathway to success.

The MNEN initiative began in 2011 when five organizations hosted the first MN Entrepreneur Kick-off. It has continued to grow each year thereafter with more than 40 organizations and resource providers supporting recent Entrepreneur Kick-offs.

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